The unexpected future of Abby and Brittany Hensel
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The unexpected future of Abby and Brittany Hensel

When these two girls were born in 1990, the doctor said they didn't have a high chance of surviving. Luckily, they were wrong and the twins are as strong as ever. They are trying to make their dreams come true, but, recently they also had to deal with very shocking news...

When we first heard about the brave Hensel twins, we were stunned and impressed. Ever since then, we made sure to keep tabs on them and their remarkable journey. People mostly know about the childhood struggles of these girls. However, today we're going to talk about the new milestone in their lives.

One Cold Day in 1990

Let's go back to March 7, 1990. It was a very cold day in Minnesota and thick layers of snow were covering the ground. And, on that very day two girls, Abby and Brittany, were born. The girls were twins, but there was something special about them - they were conjoined. 

To make the situation even more special, the girls were born as dicephalic parapagus twins. This meant that even though they were attached to each other, their organs could work perfectly. All the doctors called the girls a medical miracle.

Survival Against All Odds

Sadly, conjoined twins don't thrive that often. Sadly, despite the expertise of the doctors, the survival rate for such twins is very low. The doctors said that these girls were quite likely to have the same fate - they'd be lucky to live long.

Only if you take a look at the statistics, you will realize how miraculous their birth was. Only one in 189,000 twins born are a set of conjoined twins. And only 11% of them are dicephalic prapagus twins. Everything about the Hensel sisters was very special from the day they were born.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Abby and Britanny's birth and life amazed many people. But, their doctors are the ones who are amazed the most. They regularly check up on the girls and they can't get enough of studying them. The girls are born with two heads, two brains, three lungs, two hearts, two stomachs, and one reproductive system. 

 Everything from their waist up is double, and from their waist down is singular. What's even more impressive is that each twin controls her side of the body. Imagine how much teamwork simple activities require such as brushing hair, walking, and clapping hands.

The First Taste of Fame

The girls' first brush with fame was back in 1996 when they made two appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Shortly after this, the girls appeared on the cover of Life magazine and they started becoming famous all over the world. 

Six years later, the girls got a unique opportunity and they got their documentary called Joined for Life. Just like it was expected, the movie was a massive success. In 2012, the girls got their reality show called, believe it or not, "Abby and Brittany."

The Hensel Sisters Master Driving

The twins first had to master crawling and they did it so easily. Their parents worried about them walking, but they could perfectly coordinate their moves. Then, they learned to ride a bike and shocked everyone. After all of this, driving a truck was a piece of them. 

However, the girls had to take two separate driving tests. They didn't let this discourage them and they passed both tests with ease. They even came up with their special system of driving - each twin controls everything on the one side of the vehicle.

Doctor’s Concerns

When they were still kids, the parents of the Hensel twins had to make a tough decision. They had to choose between splitting the twins up or not. Their mother, Parry, thought that it would be for the best to keep the twins together. But, this choice concerned the doctors. 

The more time the twins spend conjoined the more likely their health is to deteriorate. But, against all the odds, the Hensel girls made it to adulthood. And, they are more successful than anyone would expect them to be. Some even say they are more successful than many single-headed people.

Two Extroverted Girls

Besides worrying about their health, Abby and Britanny's parents worried about how the girls would fit in with their peers. They feared that the girls could become separated from society. However, the girls are extremely extroverted and you can see this first-hand in their show. 

Their relatives love them more than anything and the girls also have a group of friends who love spending time with them. The twins also have many fans and they make sure to respond to every email or letter they receive.

Chasing After Their Dreams

Being in the spotlight and experiencing Hollywood fame can distract a person from some other important aspects of their lives. Just imagine that feeling when one day you are just a regular person, and the next everyone in the world has heard about you. But, these twins didn't succumb to their fame. 

They decided to go to Bethel University and they managed to get a degree in arts. At first, they wanted to study different academic disciplines but they realized that it would be very hard. So, they decided to study something both of them like.

Becoming Adults and Finding a Job

Abby and Brittany graduated from college in 2012 and they started looking for work right after. They were very anxious at first. Even though they were accepted by others, the girls knew that their special condition might cause some uneasiness among employers. But, they were willing to try and, in the end, they achieved amazing success. 

Even though they thought it would be difficult, t didn't take the girls long to find a job. Abby and Brittany made sure to announce the new milestone in their life on their reality show.

Abby and Brittany Become Math Specialists

Wondering what was Abby and Brittany first job? As we already mentioned, the girls made the exciting announcement on their show. They were so thrilled and watching them clap their hands and finish each other's sentences brought joy to all the viewers. 

“We are fourth- and fifth-grade math specialists, so we’ll have two classes of math. It’s part-time, which is nice, so we’ll be kind of transitioning into the teaching world.” The twins became math specialists and they were one step closer to entering the teaching world full time.

Different Mindsets and Desires

“When they were five, I remember one wanted to be a pilot and one wanted to be a dentist. That was short-lived,” recalls Patty, the mother of the twins. As you can see, the girls had completely different plans for the future at one point in their lives. 

Imagine what could have happened if the twins hadn't decided to pursue the same career path. Due to their condition, they didn't have much choice. But luckily, both girls are very reasonable and they managed to agree on one thing they both enjoy doing. 

Children Love Abby and Brittany

Abby and Brittany thought teaching was a perfect career choice. The twins have always been naturals with kids. They saw their career as an excellent opportunity to teach children not only maths but also something about tolerance and accepting each other despite their looks. 

“They’ve just always had a knack with kids, and kids have always been kind of drawn to them. Maybe it started with curiosity but then once their simple questions are answered they still are just drawn to Ab and Brit.” We do not doubt that their students love their new teachers!

Born To Teach

All parents love praising their kids, but, everything that Patty said about her daughters was confirmed by Mr. Good, the twins' boss, and the school's principal. He claimed that the girls were naturals with the children and that they were perfect candidates for the position. 

When he met the girls for the first time, he was able to recognize their gift immediately. “There was something about the way they carried themselves”, he said. It didn't take Mr. Good much to decide that the twins were the perfect choice for the job.

Hiring the Girls

After interviewing the girls, Mr. Good wanted to sit down and think thoroughly about whether he should hire the girls or not. However, something happened that made the decision-making process incredibly easy. The girls didn't even leave the building and he decided that he would hire them. 

Mr. Good appeared on Abby & Brittany, the twins' reality show. He said the following: “After our interview, I showed the girls out the door. I came back in the room and before I even sat back down one of the people said, ‘Run after them, hire them, give them the job!’”

Mr. Good Is Doubtful

Even though Mr. Good was more than excited to have the girls join his staff, a small part of him was still uncertain. Even though the girls were perfect for the job, it was still uncharted territory for him. 

He never had conjoined twins on his staff before and Abby and Brittany were the first conjoined twins he met. He didn't know how to deal with this situation or how the others would feel about his decision. The school year was about to start and he needed a math teacher badly. So, he took his concerns to the HR department.

Only One Paycheck

It took Mr. Good some time to make a final decision about hiring the Hensel twins. To be more precise, it took the school board the entire summer to make some considerations. But, by the time the school year started, they had already made the decision. 

Of course, they decided to hire Abby and Brittany. The girls got two separate contracts so they could be treated as two individuals. However, the board decided to give them only one paycheck. This may seem unfair to some, but, at least the twins will never have to work alone. They'll always have each other.

Introducing The New Teachers

The board was excited to have the Hensel sisters on their team because everything about them was so special. But, Mr. Good needed to do one more thing. He thought it would be a good idea to notify the students about their new teachers. 

So, Mr. Good sent out a letter to all the students and their parents and, of course, the staff to inform them about the new teachers and their special condition. This was an excellent measure of precaution that would prevent any drama on the first day of school.

Dreams Come True

While Mr. Good and the board were faced with making a difficult decision, the twins were at home, anticipating news from the school. They were excited and jumpy at the same time. They were hoping for a positive answer but still thought that there was a slight chance of being rejected by the school. 

The good thing is that they didn't feel shy or nervous at all. They were hoping that Mr. Good would call them with good news so they could finally start educating some hungry minds. Abby and Brittany shared their excitement on their reality show. Of course, the media covered every step of their journey.

Expectations For Love

Regular twins sometimes find it hard to find love. Now, imagine how these special twins feel! There are certain limitations and hardships, but, Abby and Brittany are willing to try and conquer them. In the end, we all dream of falling in love. 

Both girls have certain expectations in the love department. They both confessed that they dream of finding Mr. Perfect, falling in love, getting married, and having children. Well, this might be a bit awkward but it's not impossible. With such gorgeous personalities, they will attract love.

Rumors About the Twins

People love spreading rumors, especially when it comes to someone's love life. Back in 2012, someone started spreading rumors about Abby and Britanny. To be more precise, they stated that Brittany fell in love and even got engaged. 

Imagine how surprised everyone was to hear this news. So many questions about their love life started pouring in and the fans wanted the scoop. Soon, people started asking some controversial questions. In the end, the rumor proved to be just that. But, the controversial questions remained. People started wondering how would Abby and Brittany's romantic relationships function.

The Most Famous Siamese Twins

It might be difficult for conjoined twins to be in a relationship, but, it's not impossible. Let's take Chang and Eng Bunker as an example. They are the most famous Siamese twins mostly because of their romantic relationships. 

The brothers met two gorgeous women, fell in love with them, and got married. Chang and Eng married Sallie and Adelaide Yates in 1946. The couples had 22 children in total and they are excellent proof that even conjoined twins can be in a happy and healthy relationship.

Meet the Mondal Twins

Besides Chang and Eng bunker there is also one more interesting case. Meet Ganga and Jamuna Mondal, conjoined twins from India who became famous worldwide. What brought these girls fame is not only their special condition but also the fact that they dated a teacher called Jasimuddin Ahmad. 

One day, Ahmad was applying for a position of a sound engineer at the circus where the girls worked. The moment they saw him, Ganga and Jamuna fell in love with him. This love, at first sight, turned into a beautiful relationship later on.

Worlds Apart

When they look at twins, many people assume that just because they look the same they also have similar personalities. Of course, this is not the case. On the contrary, Abby and Brittany are worlds apart and have completely different personalities. 

Britanny is more laid back than her sister and she has a very unique sense of humor. On the other hand, Abby is quite stimulating and outspoken. If you ever come across these twins, you are likely to see them laughing at something. And, that is exactly what people love about them; they are positive no matter what happens.

Ups and Downs of Having a Twin

Having a twin is not easy all the time and sometimes things can look very dim. But, having a twin also has so many positive sides. Abby and Brittany have many stories about helping each other out, and, some of the stories are very unique. 

For example, one day Brittany was very sick and she was struggling to hold anything down, including her medicine. Immediately, Abby jumped in to play the hero and help her sister out. She took Brittany's medicine, hoping that this would help her sister out. Even though they have separate organs, this worked out!

Thinking About Separation

Do you ever get tired of your siblings? Of course, you do. And, when this happens you just walk away and spend some time on your own. Unfortunately, the Hensel twins can't do this when they get annoyed with each other. 

One time, Brittany had pneumonia and she had to stay in her room for many days. Sadly, this meant that Abby, who was perfectly healthy, had to stay at home with her. This is when she started talking about and considering separation. In the end, Abby dropped the subject quickly because she realized that she was just desperate to go for a walk.

Brittany Won't Even Consider Separation

The very moment when Abby mentioned separation, Brittany started tearing up. Even though they get on each other's nerves every now and then, the sisters can't imagine what it would be like to get separated.

As we mentioned, the Hensel twins have different personalities and Brittany certainly seems to be the sensitive one. She didn't want to even think about being separated from her sister. In the end, Abby had to assure her sister that she will never consider separation again just because she is frustrated with Brittany.

Always Together

Abby and Brittany have spent every second of their lives together. Not only do these girls love each other unconditionally, but they also depend on each other a lot to be able to perform even basic everyday activities. Now, you can only imagine how special their bond is. 

Every person has some lonesome moments in their lives, but these girls don't. They've been supporting each other through their happiest and also darkest times. They haven't spent a moment apart and they need each other probably more than anyone can even imagine.

Thinking About The Future

When they were just little girls, the Hensel twins might have not been bothered by their togetherness as much as they are now. Every day, they are growing into independent individuals and, sometimes, the fact that they are conjoined might get in their way. 

There will be a time when Abby and Brittany will have to make big decisions that will leave one of them dissatisfied. Besides, the fact that they are conjoined might prevent them from finding a husband or having children. Their friends and family fear that one day the twins might get into a serious argument.

Disliking The Stares

No matter how much love and support they receive, Abby and Brittany are aware that their looks are unique when compared to an average person and that this might attract unwanted attention. This being said, they really hate it when people stare at them. 

To be honest, it is quite difficult for a normal passer-by not to stare when they see the girls on the street. People might not have any bad intentions, they are just curious. But, what the girls hate even more than staring is people taking pictures of them without permission.

Custom Made Clothes

Being an individual can be a bit complicated when you have a conjoined twin. They share almost everything. But, one thing they don't mind sharing is clothes. Usually, people hate it when their siblings borrow or wear their clothes. However, Abby and Brittany enjoy the perks of having custom made clothes. 

Even though they share a body, they don't necessarily have to dress the same. Sometimes, the sisters wear shirts that have two necklines. Or, they wear different stockings or shoes. This way, both can show their good fashion taste.

The Sisters Walk Differently

Abby and Brittany rely on teamwork and they can't perform everyday activities without each other. But, no matter how well synced they might be, the twins seem to walk differently. But, probably not in the way you think. 

Their walking kind of resembles and represents their different personalities. Abby usually takes firm steps and makes sure her feet touch the ground. Brittany, on the other hand, walks on her tippy toes. But, this doesn't affect their walking abilities in any way or makes them any less coordinated.

What About Separation?

Even though Abby promised Brittany that they will stay forever together, separation is still an option. If the girls ever decide to get separated, they will be undergoing extremely risky surgery. The longer their bodies stay together, the more they will depend on each other. 

In addition, the surgery might have many consequences. For example, one twin might live a thriving life while the other will struggle to survive. Luckily, after spending so many years together, the girls have managed to create such a wonderful life together and they are quite unlikely to even consider a separation surgery.


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