50 People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You
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50 People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

Some days it seems like nothing is going your way. You woke up late, missed the bus, or spilled your coffee. It happens to all of us. To make you feel better, we found 50 people who are having a worse day than you. Keep scrolling to see that your day couldn't get any worse than these peoples. 

1. Sibling Rivalry

When you do all the work for the group project and someone else gets all the credit.

It must really suck to be Bob right now. Poor Bob.

2. Rough Day

They say that sometimes you have to fail forward, but this person must have heard fall forward. 

Somebody bring this guy a towel.

3. Well That Sucks

Nothing is more annoying than when you are driving and the low tire pressure light comes on. 

The fork that punctured this person's tire must have had it out for them.

4. Who's Cleaning This Up

They are all looking at each other deciding who to blame for this mess. 

Might as well paint the whole road at this point. 

5. Someone is Getting Fired Today

Realistically, whose idea was it to put expensive sports cars next to a river with no guard rail? 

That's the person who should take the blame. Accidents happen, find someone to blame. 

6. Control + V

This unlucky boy got a little too close to the bodybuilders. 

His face print will be wiped away, but this memory will be with him forever.

7. Snake Bite Mistake

This Chinese man had gotten bitten by a snake and his instincts kicked in.

He chopped off his finger to save his life, but when he got to the hospital, doctors told him it was unnecessary. Now that is a horrible day. 

8. Chandelier

"I wanna swing from the chandelier." 

Instead of swinging from the chandelier, he became the chandelier.  

9. Unfortunate Cookie

What happened to the days when fortune cookies had lucky numbers and a Chinese word?

This fortune cookie had a vendetta to ruin this person's day.

10. Last Roll

Well, that's not good. That was the last roll. 

Then you have to yell "Can someone bring me some toilet paper?" But you locked the door. 

11. Sleepwalking

This man woke up to a lovely note from his neighbor. 

You know it's going to be a bad day when you learn you have been sleepwalking outside in your underwear. 

12. Happily Ever After?

This couple was on their way to their wedding when their car went up in flames. 

If that's not bad luck, we don't know what is. Hopefully, this couple's love isn't as doomed as their vehicle.

13. You Had One Job

These three locked the keys inside the armored truck. 

How will they explain this one to their boss? 

14. Who Left That There

Have you ever wondered if Macs are fireproof? 

We will save you some time and money, no they are not. 

15. Save Money, Live Better

Take notes. Do not use a plastic bag with any wording to cover your hair when you bleach it at home. 

This is great advertising for Walmart though. They should be paid for this.

16. Might Have Forgotten Something

"Mom, we might have forgotten to close the car door." 

"Only a little snow got inside the car, it will be fine."

17. Home Cooking

When you are just trying to impress your family and make a nice homecooked meal. 

Guess they are ordering takeout tonight. 

18. Not The Coffee

Celebrities, they are just like us. 

Even big celebrities like Jonah Hill are prone to having bad days. Why did it have to be the coffee?!

19. Buzz Off

When you start your new job as a beekeeper. 

People would pay hundreds of dollars for lip fillers like those. 

20. World's Smallest Tomato

Not everyone has a green thumb, like this man who had some trouble with his tomato plant. 

It looks like they need to make a trip to the store for some full-sized tomatoes. 

21. Error: Low Ink

This printer didn't want to go out without a fight.

Looks like he just cleaned a fireplace. How do you get this off your skin?

22. Morning Tea

"Hmm, this tea has a funky taste today, I wonder why." 

Oh, nothing to worry about, just a newt in my tea. 

23. Wedding Day Blues

It's a little confusing as to why they went to see a penguin on their wedding day. 

That must really stink. 

24. Mac and Cheese

This person took Mac and cheese to a whole new level. 

Careful where you leave your opened bottle of parmesan cheese.

25. That's Not Supposed To Happen

The moment you realize you used the wrong spray on all over the lawn. 

It's a great conversation starter when you invite people over. 

26. Shrek's Night Out

When your work friends forget to tell you that the company night out is no longer costume themed. 

While it may not seem funny at the moment, this will make for some great stories to tell in the future.

27. It's A Me A-Mariooo-No

Tattoos are on your body forever, so make sure to check for errors before the artist starts. 

This Mario will have two right hands forever.

28. I Scream, You Scream

After a long day at work sometimes you want to unwind with a nice bowl of ice cream. 

 This person is having a really bad day.

29. Bike Problems

People make innocent mistakes every day, like locking their bike to another person's bike. 

We hope that he got his beer paid for at least. He probably won't be locking his bike there again. 

30. Best Seat on The Flight

Flying is already annoying — no leg room, uncomfortable seats, and being very cramped next to strangers.

One of the few things that makes flying better is having a good movie selection. Unless you are this unlucky passenger.

31. Not Dead

This girl was dressed up as Carrie when she got in a car accident. 

She gave those first responders quite the scare with all her fake blood. Awkward. 

32. Innocent Mistake

Who is having a worse day in this situation? 

Is it Woody Harrelson because he was mistaken for Woody Allen or the man who thought he was meeting Woody Allen? 

33. Locked Out

This is probably the most frustrating way to get locked out of your home.

Just when you thought your day was going well, you turn around and your keys are locked inside.

34. "Anonymity"

Unfortunately, this man has been exposed despite wanting to remain anonymous. 

Well, now we all know who Mr. X is. You have been #exposed. 

35. Crushing

This is the last gift you want to receive from your crush 

Being friend-zoned is sad and unfortunate. Some people make it out, and some are stuck there forever. 

36. Context is Key

It is important to always include some information when you send an email to your boss. 

We would love to be a fly on the wall during their conversation.

37. Night Terror

When you are having a nice peaceful dream and something moving in your room wakes you up. 

That is one rude awakening. You should make sure your closet doors are on tight before you go to bed. 

38. Big Head?

Either this person has a giant head or they just lost their earbud in Europe. 

Either way, it looks like the world is listening to some pretty good music. 

39. Coffee Time

This is the last thing you want to find in your morning coffee. 

Imagine enjoying your daily cup of coffee, and all of a sudden, you feel something crawling out of your mug...no thank you.

40. Sucks To Be Tom

Just like Mr. X, Tom has been revealed. 

Why is it that no one can remain anonymous these days?

41. First Name: Sue, Second Name: You

This person had just picked up their car from the mechanic after spending $2,000 to have it fixed. 

It would have been great if it hadn't burst into flames the next morning. That isn't supposed to happen.

42. Better Than A DUI

This person was trying to be a responsible adult and not drive home after having a few drinks. 

Little did she know there was a farmers market there the next day. Might as well do some shopping since you are stuck there.

43. Holy Water

In India, a statue of Jesus mysteriously started to drip water from its toes. 

People started to drink it because they thought it was holy. It was actually from a clogged pipe. They did not feel so great from this water. 

44. This Amazon Review

A fun-filled beach day was destroyed by this giant beach ball of doom. 

They should have stopped when they realized it would take 2 hours to fill.

45. Can Anybody Help Me

Never climb on your roof to clean the gutters when you are home alone.

You might feel like you are productive, but what if you get stuck. Who will be there to help you down? 

46. Lottery Winnings

This is probably the worst Christmas present ever.

Do not trust Nicole to buy you anything good this upcoming holiday season.

47. That's Just Wrong

Imagine having your name excluded in the movie credits like this. 

Why is this Korean girl different from the hot Korean girls?

48. What Now?

That person has really gotten themselves into quite a predicament. 

Hopefully, they have a locksmith on speed dial.

49. Leaky Faucet

When you are getting ready in the morning, and want to take a quick shower. 

At least the water pressure is good. Look on the bright side. 

50. Switching it Up

When your car is too dark inside just spill a bunch of white paint to switch it up.

If you want to go back to dark interiors, that might be a problem.

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